Press Release - February 2013 redefines the search for the best deal

New online service launched today

AMSTERDAM, February 19 2013 – was launched today. Reequest is a new online pin board where consumers post their own requests for deals. Reequest helps consumers to place their Reequests, allowing other users to respond to these Reequests. This not only includes their own friends and other members, but companies as well. Since the test release back in January, the number of users has been growing on a daily basis.

No more waiting for deals
For years the internet has been dominated by websites that prompt consumers to impulse purchases. Therefore, supply affects the demand. Reequest turns this around and focuses on consumer demand: what does the consumer want to do, have or experience? Reequest combines the power of social media with the need for online convenience, exclusivity and personal offers. Your specific request is shared with a vast network and finding deals becomes a personal and fun experience.

Requesting the best personal deal
On Reequest you ask where certain products can be purchased or borrowed, which products and services can be recommended or which company offers the best deal. Other consumers, but companies as well, can then respond to these Reequests. This way, consumers get a personalised response to their request.
A few examples: Where should you go for a great breakfast in New York? Who knows where to order that special pair of sneakers? Who has a cool idea for a weekend away if I have € 200 to spend?

The power of a vast network
Reequest helps consumers to find exactly what they are searching for. Rik van Dijk, co-founder: ”Reequest is a logical step following the explosive increase in temporary deals and coupons people are faced with every day. In those cases you had to wait and see if the offer was something that you needed. Wouldn’t it be better to consult the knowledge and experience of a large group of consumers?" The community of Reequest users helps and inspires by giving answers and tips. Companies may also respond to Reequests and therefore, can make offers that exactly meet the wishes of potential customers.

Focus on convenience
Reequest is currently expanding its website and working on the development of an improved mobile site and an app. Furthermore, the ease-of-use for companies is being optimised.